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Tue 12th March 2019 8:00 pm

Leanne Moden

A spoken word show about identity, music, friendship and the power of a really great black lipstick!

Remember when your CD player was your best friend? Or when you papered your walls with band posters? Chances are, the music of your teenage years has had a profound effect on the person you are today.   Join poet (and recovering Goth) Leanne Moden as she takes a wry sideways look at the musical subcultures that made us who we are, using stories, poetry, comedy and theatre to ask the question: what does it mean to be part of a tribe?

“She’s like a rhyming stand-up…perpetually confused by the world and riffing on the complexities of modern life.” Luke Wright

Suitable for ages 16 and over (contains strong language) 1 hour no interval

Tickets £10 (£8) £5

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