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What’s on | Editor’s pick – May 2016

↑ Peterborough Wildlife Festival, Sunday, 1 & Monday, 2 May, all day, Ferry Meadows

Going wild
May Day weekend is the perfect time to celebrate and enjoy the region’s fabulous wildlife. Enjoy a whole host of natural spring flowers, trees in leaf and maybe spot a frisky animal or two at this two-day wildlife festival.
Peterborough Wildlife Festival
Sunday, 1 & Monday, 2 May, all day
Ferry Meadows, Ham Farm House, Ham Lane, Peterborough

Keep on trucking
For anyone who loves trucks, festivals, and festivals dedicated to trucks, Truckfest is the ultimate treat. Expect celebrity truckers and truck fans, displays, stalls, great grub – and more.
Truckfest 2016
Sunday, 1 & Monday, 2 May, 9 am – 5 pm
Peterborough Arena, East of England Showground, Peterborough

Inside the mind of a murderer…
Thrilling, innovative, and not a little macabre, ‘Haigh’ is the exploration through theatre, art installation and multimedia of the life of John George Haigh, ‘The Acid Bath Murderer’. Audiences will keep on the move, walking through and exploring key scenes in his life, as they attempt to unravel what might have turned him into such a cold-blooded killer.
Project 22
Wednesday, 4 May, 7, 8 and 9 pm
Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St Mary’s Street, Stamford

Funny guy
One of the sharpest, most polished gag writers in the business, Jimmy Carr continues to divide audiences with his acidic brand of near-the-knuckle comedy. Expect razor-sharp jokes delivered at breakneck speed – and probably one or two quips about tax – in his latest show
Jimmy Carr: The Best Of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits Tour
Tuesday, 17 May, 8 pm
The Cresset, Bretton Centre, Peterborough

Bear necessities
An utterly charming theatrical piece for those aged five and above. A boy and his bear navigate choppy waters between now and teatime, with only a single sandwich to sustain them. Adapted from the award-winning novel by Dave Shelton, featuring live music and movement.
A Boy And A Bear In A Boat
Tuesday, 31 May, 2.30 pm
Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St Mary’s Street, Stamford

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