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What’s on | Editor’s pick 21 – 27 October

↑ In my shoes, Tuesday, 22 October

A walk on the wild side
Come and make the most of an autumn ramble around Ferry Meadows, during which you can ask guide and ranger Ian Lowe all about the landscape, flora and fauna. Booking is essential, and places can be reserved by calling Nene Park on 01733 234193.
Guided walk with a ranger
Monday, 21 October, 1.30 – 2.30 pm
Ferry Meadows, Ham Lane, Peterborough

Dance this way
In My Shoes is a brand new hip-hop show that takes street music, street dance and theatre and mashes them together to create vibrant and engaging sounds, visuals and narrative. Take your kids in order to show them how ‘phat’ and ‘sick’ you are. (Apparently, these are good things.)
In my shoes
Tuesday, 22 October, 7.30 – 9 pm
Key Theatre, Embankment Road, Peterborough

Hopefully playing to a ‘pact’ house…
BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominated group Faustus are bringing their mix of folk and rock to Peterborough. The trio always perform with real confidence and gusto, creating an atmosphere brimming with excitement and humour, drawing audiences in and rewarding them with a fresh take on old classics, and new material that fizzes with true folk soul.
Thursday, 24 October, 7.45 – 10 pm
Key Theatre, Embankment Road, Peterborough

Elementary, dear entertainment-seekers
For those who can’t get enough Sherlock in their lives, this cheeky homage to all things Arthur Conan-Doyle examines the fact that the writer had had quite enough of his famous creation fairly early on in the fictional detective’s career. But when Conan-Doyle finally sent Holmes over the Reichenbach Falls with his nemesis Moriarty, readers were so distraught they went about wearing black armbands, and the pressure was on to bring about a ressurection…
Sherlock Holmes – The Death & Life
Friday, 25 October – Saturday, 26 October, 7.45 – 9.45 pm
Key Theatre, Embankment Road, Peterborough

I’ve got my beer in the sideboard here
Chas without Dave is like crisps without salt, so it was with genuine pleasure that fans old and new welcomed Dave out of retirement to continue, with Chas, doing what the boys do best: creating foot-stomping, crowd-pleasing songs that also display their absolute mastery of their respective instruments. (Jamie Cullum jammed with Chas – and couldn’t keep up!)
Chas & Dave
Sunday, 27 October, 7.30 – 9.30 pm
The Cresset at the Bretton Centre

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