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    There were numerous reasons why we set up The Moment and The Business Moment. Key among them was that we wanted to make things better and to help create...

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    Codename Media LTD Registered Office: 4 Milnyard Square Bakewell Road Orton Southgate Peterborough PE2 6GX Registered in England and Wales Company No 07352411 Publisher: M: +44 7773 772864 T:...

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    The Moment magazine has been spreading the word about all things Greater Peterborough for the past decade, bringing original interviews, entertainment, lifestyle, What’s On and much more to the...

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    Make sure you never miss an issue! THE MOMENT MAGAZINE is one of the finest examples of regional publishing anywhere in the UK, and was launched to celebrate and...

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    Got a little lost on your travels in The Moment Magazine? Have no fear, we have constructed this sitemap page just for you, to help you get back on...

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    Mostly grey, with long dry spells. Does this describe your current business publication? All too often, business magazines project an image of business that is, frankly, rather dull. But...

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    Your regular helping of everything that's best about Peterborough and the region.

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    All about you, your space and your city. Discover what’s happening close to home in The Moment’s Community section.

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      Browse these features, tips and interviews to make the most of your indoor and outdoor space.

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      Calling all gastronauts! Indulge your passion for everything delicious by tucking in to our recipes, tips, restaurant previews and features.

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      Whether you’re a devoted petrolhead or just in the market for a new motor and would like some advice, Drive is packed with information and articles that will really rev your engine.

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      "Darling, it’s fabulous, where did you find it? It’s so informative, so entertaining! And those juicy tit-bits about Peterborough’s finest boutiques and salons really take years off you! I’m so jealous!" "Oh this? It’s just a cool website section I know, called The Moment Style…"

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      Fill those lungs, stretch those muscles, munch those salads! The Moment’s health and fitness section has all you need and more to plan and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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    Explore Peterborough’s rich and exciting heritage from the comfort of your browser, with The Moment’s Historic Peterborough section.

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    It’s a busy world, and your free time is precious. Don’t waste a single moment not knowing what to do or when to do it: The Moment Free time guide contains news and features on the best arts and entertainment available in Peterborough and the region.

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      Peterborough as a region is thriving and continues to grow every year with the the likes of new SME start-ups, existing ones and large corporate who have either grown here over the years or moved to the City. We will look at offering Marketing insights in this section that will help your business with traditional Marketing Strategy through to Digital Marketing such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click) and Social Media. All of which are being taken very seriously due to the strong grown in Creative and Digital Agencies.

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  • Good Food Videos

    The Moment covers seasonal produce, how to eat healthy, delicious food and how to keep your family interested in what they eat and where it comes from. We focus on an ingredient or some seasonal foods, giving a little history, how to store or buy and some great tasting recipes for using your produce: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Drive Videos

    The Moment's in-depth motoring section features road tests of the most interesting cars on sale in the UK, a fascinating classic car section, interviews with anyone with a story to tell in the car world and used car comparisons: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Motorcycling Videos

    Motorcycling is a fraternity. Male or female, you're part of a brotherhood of bikers. We highlight the people, places, pubs, restaurants, dealerships and divine roads that make Cambridgeshire a magical place to ride a motorcycle - whatever the season: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Style Videos

    For some, having impeccable style and a wardrobe to-die-for means taking a fashion risk or two; for others, it's about keeping things simple and understated. The Moment will keep you in step with directional designers that shape the fabric of affordable high street fashion: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Gadgets Videos

    Gadgets are now a lifestyle choice; just as important as the clothes you buy and the holidays you go on, technology is in everything we do and living without it now seems implausible: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Health & Fitness Videos

    The Moment encourages you to think about your own personal sporting challenges with articles about the latest fitness trends and inspirational stories from events and activities that, with a bit of training and insider knowledge, we can all attempt: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Heritage & Culture Videos

    The Moment explores aspects of Peterborough and Stamford’s past as well as those of the many historical towns and villages which surround them. We chronicle how this part of East Anglia has developed and flourished to become the vibrant area it is today, and tell the fascinating tales of the buildings, people, disasters and triumphs that shaped its course over the centuries: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Free Time Videos

    The Moment spotlights the many attractions and highlights some of the most popular activities taking place this month. Take an enchanted trip on a steam engine or learn a new skill at a weekend workshop. Let the moment help you plan your next great escape: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Travel Videos

    The Moment understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance. The travel pages contain a mix of practical suggestions and inspirational offerings to help readers plan that next trip. Plenty of advice about where to go, what to do and how to get there: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Business Videos

    The Moment actively encourages you to ask questions about your own circumstances and offers information and advice on exactly who to speak to, providing easy to understand no nonsense practical legal information on law in the UK; everything from Family & Employment Law to Personal Injury: check out this month’s video picks.

  • Home & Garden Videos

    Whether your interests lie in neatly-preened herbaceous borders, pots of bedding plants, drifts of flowering bulbs or the pursuit of home-grown goodies: check out this month’s video picks.

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