Vaccinate your pet to avoid disease

Thousands of pets are at risk of deadly disease if they are not vaccinated, particularly when they are a young age. More than a third of cats and a quarter of dogs haven’t had vaccinations when they were kittens or puppies and Best Friends Veterinary Group is encouraging owners to make sure they vaccinate their pets to boost immunity.

Vaccinations when pets are young are vital measures to be taken to prevent deadly diseases such as canine parvovirus from harming pets.

The latest research from the PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report states the number of unvaccinated pets in the UK to equate to around 3.9 million cats, 2.2 million dogs and 490,000 rabbits.

Best Friends Veterinary Group, with practices in Peterborough, Whittlesey and Yaxley, says some of the reasons owners give for not vaccinating include that it’s not necessary, they haven’t thought about it, it’s too costly, or that they don’t agree with it.

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious and very serious disease that is often deadly if left untreated. Young puppies and unvaccinated dogs, including those that have not had their booster injections, are most at risk.

Richard Brookes, area manager for Best Friends Veterinary Group, said: “The care and health of a pet is really important to an owner, so they want to make sure their furry friend has a healthy diet and is regularly exercised.

“There is nothing worse than having a sick pet. It is distressing for both you and your animal, but in many cases this can be avoided with a proper vaccination regime.

“No one wants their dog to fall prey to canine distemper, canine infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, canine parvovirus and parainfluenza – prevention is key.

“Don’t forget kennel cough, which although not compulsory is necessary if your dog is staying in kennels.

“Cats should be vaccinated to safeguard against flu, enteritis and leukaemia. This involves a course of two injections followed by a yearly booster, to ensure your cat is kept fully vaccinated at all times.”

If you want to speak to the Best Friends team about vaccinations for your pet, please call the main hospital in Peterborough on 01733 562904 or visit for further information.

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