Pet slimmers of the year!

Pet obesity continues to be one of the key welfare and health issues facing pets in the UK. According...

Pet rescue

Foster and make a difference to the life of a rescue pet

Paws Doggie Bags

Paws Doggie Bags specialises in baking tasty dog biscuits and treats using only 100% natural humangrade ingredients. Not only...

Pet total recall

Want to let your dog off the lead? It’s essential you can trust your dog first

Pets enjoying the prime of life

Like us, pets are living longer. In fact, it’s estimated the lifespans of our dogs and cats have doubled...

Onwards and pupwards

It’s never too early to start training your puppy for a happy, confident life

Friends to all animals

No day at a Best Friends Vet Group practice is ever the same. While true much of the time...

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