Walking for health

It’s easy to get started on your journey to better health – just start walking!

Challenging exercise isn’t for everyone – but something as simple as a regular brisk walk improves the performance of your heart, lungs and circulation, and can also lower your blood pressure, reducing your risk of strokes as well as the UK’s biggest killer, heart disease. Even if you’re not ready to walk at a brisk pace, you can take your time and build up slowly.

Walking at any pace will help you to manage your weight, reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and reduce the risk of some cancers (inactive people are more likely to develop colon, breast and lung cancer than those who exercise). Not only that, but walking can improve the flexibility and strength of your joints, muscles and bones, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Walking as part of a group is a great way to start and keep going, as well as making new friends. There are Vivacity Health Walks every weekday in different locations in and around the city, each lasting on average 45 mins to one hour and passing through some beautiful local scenery.

For more information about our Walking for Health programme or if you are interested in becoming a Walk Leader then email our Healthy Walks Coordinator at or call on 01733 864738

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