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Exercise really is for everyone, from the fighting fit to those living with a long-term health condition or recovering from serious illness. If you’re thinking of making a healthy change to your life then Vivacity’s comprehensive programme of health and fitness classes is definitely for you

Keeping healthy through physical activity is important for all of us, and especially important for those living with a specific health problem. Regular exercise can help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and chronic back pain, and is proven to combat obesity, minimise hypertension and improve the health and wellbeing of people with diabetes. Then there are the mental health benefits to enjoying a physically active lifestyle, including reduced rates of anxiety, stress, depression and low self-esteem thanks to the confidence-boosting effect that regular exercise brings. Vivacity can help anyone with a longstanding health condition to live a more active life through its comprehensive range of weekly classes.

These are available at reduced rates for anyone leading a sedentary or physically inactive lifestyle. Class-goers may be referred by their GP or can self-refer by completing a simple online form (see box opposite for website address). There are exercise programmes for many different types of health conditions and lifestyles, and each programme is run over three steps.

The first step is to complete 12 weeks of instructed exercise classes with additional support specific to your condition. These initial classes are held at Hampton Leisure Centre and cost just £3 each. Step two is 12 weeks of further maintenance classes run on a week-by-week basis, or you can opt to take out a reduced rate ‘Lifestyle Membership’ for three months, which includes an all-inclusive gym membership, a personally tailored gym programme and free access to the maintenance classes and support groups. The final step is on-going support and encouragement so you can independently continue your progress towards a healthier lifestyle. This includes one of Vivacity’s mainstream gym membership options – which allows access to all gyms, pools and classes at on- and off-peak times – and you’ll still be able to access referral and maintenance classes and support groups as you progress. The programmes available are designed to make a change that will last a lifetime, creating a happier and healthier you.

A healthier you

Vivacity offers a variety of fitness classes to support people living with the following conditions:

● Obesity
● Diabetes
● Cancer
● Hypertension
● Cardiac & respiratory
● Musculoskeletal disorders
● Dementia
● Stress, anxiety & depression

For more information visit or call 01733 864764.

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