Sound Advice: loud and clear

Are you hearing loud and clear? Sound Advice Hearing offers a complete hearing healthcare service, as audiologist Paul Scigala tells us

Should we be taking our hearing more seriously?
Yes! Up to one in six adults has some form of hearing loss. Many don’t even realise it because loss of hearing is usually gradual. Hearing loss isn’t just inconvenient and occasionally embarrassing, left unchecked it can be a leading contributor to depression and feelings of isolation. But there’s no reason for it to get to that stage. You have regular check-ups at the dentist or optician, so why shouldn’t you check your hearing?

How can you tell if you’re losing your hearing?
There are some typical indicators to watch out for. Asking people to repeat themselves is one, generally struggling to hear in noisy environment is another, and then there is misunderstanding conversations. Turning up the radio or TV is also a common symptom of hearing loss. If you experience any of these, it’s time to book a hearing assessment. You won’t regret it I promise – it will only make life easier, not just for yourself, but for those around you too!

And this is where you come in?
We offer free hearing assessments, and by free we mean free – there’s no money to pay upfront and no obligation to buy. So, if you are struggling with your hearing or think it may be deteriorating, we will let you know. We even offer home visits if that is more convenient. All our advice is completely impartial because we’re independent. This also means we can offer free, no-obligation hearing aid trials, so if you’re unsure whether a hearing aid will assist you in everyday life, we can help you find out. If it does, we will then work out a personalised solution tailored to your lifestyle, look and budget. We stock or have access to all makes and models of hearing aid. It’s that combination of range, experience, in-depth testing and attention to detail that proves a winner. We also believe proper aftercare is important.

What else do you offer?
Protecting your ears from loud noise is essential to avoid damage in the first place. We can provide different types of hearing protection for shooting, loud music or even the work place. We can also give advice with regards to tinnitus. We also provide an ear wax removal service using irrigation, microsuction or instrumentation. Some places only offer microsuction or irrigation, but we offer all solutions because we put our patients’ best interests first in order to decide the most appropriate course of action.

You’ve just moved to Market Deeping. What prompted the move?
Our original location was central but parking wasn’t ideal. Our new premises in Market Deeping has free, accessible parking at both the front and rear, along with major bus routes directly outside the premises. The Hearing Centre is also brighter, airier and has more space, ensuring a more convenient and pleasurable experience. We look forward to welcoming more customers and helping more people regain the joy of hearing loud and clear.

Sound Advice Hearing Centre 1 Cross Street, Peterborough PE1 1XA.
01733 343888

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