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The new Saxon Muscle shop in Whittlesey is a powerhouse of protein, but as owner James Neville explains, it’s not just for bodybuilders and strongmen

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, runner, athlete or team sportsperson, Saxon Muscle has the nutritional advice and supplements you’ll need to reach peak performance. Opened in March by former World’s Strongest Man and local legend Geoff Capes, Saxon Muscle offers a one-stop shop for every type of exercise: aerobic (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, team sports), strength (e.g. resistance training, bodybuilding) and flexibility (e.g. yoga, Pilates, tai chi). ‘We have all manner of vitamins and sports supplements, for whatever sport or exercise you take part in,’ says owner James Neville. ‘There’s lots here to keep you in good health and we are always on hand to offer advice on dietary requirements or the best vitamins to suit your needs.’ The shop stocks everything from joint care to gymwear, alongside a wide range of pre- and post-workout supplements and drinks. ‘We’ve got fat burners for those looking to lose weight and mass gainers for muscle development. Add in protein shakes, bars and amino drinks and there’s everything you could possibly need to maintain health and enhance your physical performance.’

Protein power
James is a powerlifting and strongest man fan, and has gone on to organise competitions across the country. It’s given him the first-hand experience necessary to advise on the best supplements, backed up by industry-recognised qualifications. The role of protein in muscle development is well known, but James believes we can all benefit from more protein in our diet: ‘The more protein in your diet, the healthier you are. Protein supplements aren’t just for bodybuilders and strongmen, they’re for everyone.’ A diet that’s higher in protein offers a number of advantages. It increases metabolism, keeps you fuller for longer and helps you retain less fat, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight. It’s good for muscle development, composition and repair. It supports good general health, particularly among those undertaking regular physical activity. ‘And taking a protein shake before you head to sleep can help to repair anything that’s been damaged during the day,’ adds James. No wonder, then, that Saxon Muscle’s own-brand Saxonite Protein is among the shop’s best-selling products. ‘Available in a range of flavours, it’s ideal for any time of the day, but especially after training. And that’s any type of training, from ballerinas to bodybuilders!’ If you’ve never considered protein or other dietary supplements before, pop into Saxon Muscle for a friendly chat to learn how they could benefit you. Enhance your performance and feel the best version of you possible.

14 Broad Street, Whittlesey, Peterborough PE7 1HA. 01733 205383, ● Follow Saxon Muscle on Facebook and Instagram. ● Special offer: Spend £50 or more in store and receive a free Saxon Muscle T-shirt or snapback cap worth £15.


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