Safer future travel

As the world re-emerges from lockdowns and the global economy lurches back to life, we know people want to travel again.

There is a long way to go, and the size and shape of future travel is still anyone’s guess. But the travel industry is an optimistic, resilient sector.  We feel it personally and are hearing how badly people NEED to travel—from our families, friends, colleagues… everyone!

We have been providing guidance and reassurance, handling complex renegotiations with operators and suppliers, while ensuring funds are protected and our client’s best interests are prioritised at all times.  It’s a reflection of the tremendous dedication and commitment you get from booking with a human rather than a faceless brand. In the coming months we know people are sure to need more expert guidance than ever before and will value booking with someone you can trust and who can give you flexibility and financial protection.

We know our customers who love to travel will be thinking about how they can keep safe and well when making future travel plans. It is really important to us that we give our clients the latest updates and reassurances on new safer travel protocols, so when you are ready to plan and travel again you can book and holiday with confidence. The more we get through this horrible crisis, the more it’s clear that booking a holiday through a real human travel agent who you can look straight in the eye, is a really good way to maximise your protection when things start going a little bit wrong. Booking with a travel agent was seen as the past – but it’s the future.

Our fantastic team of experienced travel experts are here to provide our renowned first-class service and we welcome you in to our office to start planning unforgettable 2021 holidays.

You can contact us on 01733 203680

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