La Belle Époque

Peterborough Museum’s latest exhibition showcases some of its impressive collection of Edwardian outfits, as well as borrowing a few...

Style Diaries – Rosie Fortescue

The Made In Chelsea star and JustFab style expert talks to Kate McAuley about idolising Miranda Kerr, the best...

The Vow Factor – Vow Bridal Gallery

Are you planning a wedding? Congratulations. Now, let’s talk about the dress. Peterborough’s Vow Bridal Gallery has a gown...

How to make: butternut squash ravioli

Try this Butternut Squash Ravioli recipe from Carluccio’s Restaurant (who can also supply heart-shaped pasta cutters for the occasion!)

A Taste Of La Dolce Vita

After attending Peterborough’s Italian Festival as guest of honour in 2011 Antonio Carluccio, the ‘Godfather of Italian Gastronomy’, vowed...

How to make: creamy pasta

If you love all things creamy, it may seem harder without using dairy, but it certainly is not impossible!

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