Winter Bloomers

Winter Bloomers 1 2

There’s nothing quite like a bevy of house plants to keep the frustrated gardener busy while all’s still outside

At this time of year a few pots perched on the windowsill will help to add a splash of seasonal cheer, colour and scent. However, this can be a testing time for our house plants. As well as the low light levels to contend with, there’s the drying effect of central heating. Plants sat directly above radiators are especially susceptible to the dry, hot conditions to be found. So follow our tips to keeping your pants safe and happy and they should last much longer.

The quintessential Christmas house plant must be kept clear of
draughts. Plants prefer a steady temperature that’s on the fresher side – if you can keep them at between 13-16°C the bright red bracts will last far longer. Only water when the compost feels completely dry as the roots don’t like to be sat in sodden compost.

Help flower buds to open without fuss by raising humidity levels
around the plant. You can do this by positioning plants on saucers of damp gravel and by misting plants daily. Use rainwater for watering and keep plants in a bright position but out of direct sunlight. Don’t forget to feed plants with house plant feed once a month.

Winter Bloomers 1 2

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