Top 10 Fruits for Beginners

All of these easy-care favourites are ideal for starting off on the journey to delicious and fresh home-grown fruit.

1. Gooseberries

One of the very easiest fruits to grow and almost failsafe! Choose from culinary and sweeter dessert varieties.

2. Raspberries

These soft, flavoursome berries are so much better plucked fresh. Pick autumn fruiters, which are easier to prune.

3. Blackcurrents

If your garden isn’t blessed with lots of direct sunlight then opt for the humble but oh-so tasty blackcurrant.

4. Strawberries

Where would we be without this versatile summer staple? They are quick to crop and easy to propagate.

5. Plums

Sticky, sweet and the epitome of late summer, plums make delicious jam. They require less pruning than apples.

6. Pears

Less fuss to prune than apples, pears can be grown as full-blown trees or neat, compact single-stemmed cordons.

7. Blueberries

Given the right soil, blueberries will rapidly grow away to yield their delicious, dusky blue berries.

8. Redcurrants

Pretty redcurrants will brighten up any summer pudding. Try also its slightly sweeter cousin the white currant.

9. Apples

Britain’s favourite fruit can be kept in a container if you haven’t got lots of room. Try a cooker or an eater variety.

10. Quinces

This less-common fruit deserves wider recognition. It grows readily, needing very little ongoing maintenance.

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