Late Summer checklist

Pick tree fruit

Tree fruits such as plums will start to come into their own from September. Pick the fruits as they ripen. You can thwart pesky wasps by hanging up jars filled with sugary liquids to distract them away from the fruits.

Start planting bulbs

Spring-flowering bulbs can be planted from late August onwards. Look out for the first packs of bulbs in the garden centre. Daffodils are a favourite and look as good in pots as they do in the border. Use a free-draining compost and stand pots on feet to ensure proper drainage.

Patch up the lawn

Summer fun can leave its wear and tear on your lawn. With the weather cooling off, re-sow bare patches with fresh seed. Keep newly sown areas moist, watering if necessary during dry weather. Turf offers a speedier, instant alternative to seed.

Trim conifers

This is a good time to trim rambunctious conifers to keep them under control. They will have a few months to settle back down before winter arrives.

Collect seeds

Many annual flowers and vegetables produce seeds. If you want to save on your seed bill collect them for sowing next spring. Allow them to properly dry out before packing away into paper envelopes and storing in a cool, dry, dark place.

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