Late Summer Checklist

Scarify lawns

Bring tired lawns back up to scratch by scarifying. Use a spring-tine rake to remove debris such as moss then spike holes into the ground to improve the aeration of the soil beneath. Apply lawn fertiliser as autumn approaches.

Divide perennials

With the heat of midsummer over now’s a great time to divide your favourite perennials for replanting elsewhere. Make sure each new clump is healthy and has plenty of roots to re-establish.

Cover ponds

Cover ponds with netting before leaves begin to fall and clog up the water. Rotting leaves can spoil the water quality and harm pond inhabitants.

Plant bulbs

Start planting new spring-flowering bulbs as soon as they appear in the garden centre. Try a drift of daffodils in the lawn or around a shrub for poetic impact!

Water if necessary

It’s been a wet summer but should drier weather make an appearance be on hand to water recently planted plants. Use rainwater whenever possible – it’s better for your plants.

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