Late Spring checklist

Watch for pests

Rising temperatures bring ideal conditions for insect pests. Keep an eye out for the first infestations of critters such as sap-sucking aphids and treat promptly – aphids are easily squished between fingers.

Encourage predators

Gardens with a natural balance of pests to pest predators rarely require intervention. Coax hungry allies like hoverflies, ladybirds and pollinating insects onto your plot with cheery annual and biennial flowers such as cornflower, clary and pot marigold (pictured).

Tend perennials

Herbaceous perennials will have come up as if from nowhere over the past few weeks. Weed between plants and, if necessary, install supports for lanky stems.

Tidy spent bulbs

Spring flowerers such as daffodils and tulips will be coming to their conclusion now. Allow the leaves to naturally die away before cutting them back, as they are recharging the bulbs for next spring’s display.

Plant tender annuals

Frost-sensitive bedding plants can go outside as soon as the danger of frost is over – generally around early May in our neck of the woods.

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