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You might think that making your health your number one priority in life is impossible, what with work, family, friends, religion, and whatever else you have going on. Trust me, now is the time to start putting yourself and your health first. Why, you might ask? Because when you are healthy, every other aspect of your life is much more enjoyable for you and those around you

Talking to people about making their health a priority, most people tell me the same thing, “Shal, I  just don’t have the time.” Really? You have the time to run through a drive-thru. You have the time to sit in front of your computer and surf the net. You also have the time to watch your favorite reality show every Monday night. It seems to me that you have plenty of time, you’re just allocating incorrectly.

I know that I might sound like a mother hen but it’s just the passion I tend to have. While some suggestions seem selfish, they will serve a greater purpose in the end when you reach your health goals. It makes me so happy to see people finally unlock the door to a healthy life and live it to the fullest. To help you find that key that unlocks the door, I have compiled a few tips to get you started on your path to success.

Tip 1: Keep a dairy of your food intake

Whether it is at their kid’s birthday party, a neighborhood gathering, football game, or a company picnic, eating in social situations is very common. What’s also common in these situations is overeating or eating just to be polite. This way, you can see what you have eaten, the times you ate, and the quality of food you consumed. Once it is down in black and white, you can better gauge where you need to make changes.

Tip 2: Get your body moving

Exercise doesn’t always have to occur in a gym or on a treadmill. You can really exercise anywhere at any time of day. Use your lunch break to take a walk or run up and down the stairs. When your kids are napping, pop in an exercise tape for 30 minutes and work out. You will have more energy to get through the rest of the day, be more relaxed, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have taken another step in the right direction.

Tip 3: You deserve the best

Shal Paper is the former British Body Fitness Champion and has competed at the highest level in professional body fitness

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be eating the very best food possible. Lean, organic meats, locally grown fruits and vegetables, raw dairy and sprouted grain breads should be gracing your plate morning, noon, and night.

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