Vivacity Launches New Lifestyle Membership Scheme

Residents of Peterborough who want to improve their quality of life may look no further, as Vivacity Peterborough has launched a new healthcare scheme for those who are inactive and/or at risk of chronic illnesses

The programme is for anyone whose GP believes they meet the criteria for the three month scheme, which focuses on improving the quality of life and fitness for those suffering from common health problems such as weight issues, diabetes, arthritis, but also more serious concerns such as heart disease and neurological conditions which can prevent them from leading an active life.

Once eligible for the scheme, applicants will be given a stamped referral card which gives them access to any of our four Vivacity sports venues in the city.

They then will receive specialist support, a personalised fitness regime tailored to their specific health needs, and an induction to the fitness centres, including full access to swimming pools and over 90 fitness classes.

The gyms participating in the scheme include the Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre, Werrington Leisure Centre, Bushfield Leisure Centre, and Jack Hunt Swimming Pool & Gym.

The programme has a special one-off price of £70, and more information on eligibility and terms and conditions can be found on the Vivacity website at



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