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Fill those lungs, stretch those muscles, munch those salads! The Moment’s health and fitness section has all you need and more to plan and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Take the veg pledge

To make a difference for the environment, can you commit to making one further meal a day vegetarian?

Happy birthday J. Neville

Owned and run by Jan Neville, J. Neville is now an established Peterborough brand after 20 years in Peterborough...

Slimmer and shine!

A super slimmer from Peterborough has been awarded Diamond Member of the Year following his incredible long-term weight loss

Fane Clinic: step up

The Fane Clinic Ltd has offered Foot Care, the provision of prescription orthotics, and the treatment and management of...

Start with you

Show yourself some love, says therapist and life coach Susie Munns

Lead a calmer life

Eavesdropping on a conversation changed my life!” says Lesley Edwards...

Emotional Eating

It is arguably the hardest addiction to overcome; you cannot just go ‘cold turkey’ on food like you can...

Peterborough Hypnotherapy Clinic

Hypnotherapist Tim Pinning shares his wealth of experience to help us our goals, including a Hypno-Slimming Programme with Hypnotic...

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