No partner needed at No-Strings Badminton

Enjoy playing badminton with a range of players at our weekly open badminton sessions at Werrington Leisure Centre

No-Strings Badminton provides a local, relaxed and completely flexible playing opportunity for anyone who enjoys playing badminton, but can’t always find a partner to play against.

Badminton is a great sport for reducing body fat, toning muscles and increasing flexibility. It also increases your concentration, and after a long day of work, badminton is excellent for relieving stress.
Played indoors, it’s a sport perfect for all weathers, and ideal for novices or anyone who enjoys playing badminton but doesn’t want to make a commitment by joining a club.

You can either pay £3 for 1 hour or £5 for 2, and with no booking is required you can just turn up and have fun!

Sessions are held weekly at Werrington Leisure Centre every Monday and Wednesday from 8-10pm.

For more information, contact Werrington Leisure Centre on 01733 576 606.


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