The gym changed my life!

Attending a Vivacity gym proves genuinely life changing for some. Two regular visitors explain how Vivacity has helped them to improve their health and fitness in a truly fundamental way

Lifestyle boost

“I was slim throughout my 20s and quickly lost my baby weight after having my two children. But by my mid 30s, with the boys off to school and me back at work, I started to gain weight. Time and circumstances prevented me from joining a gym or attending classes and by Christmas 2012 I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I decided I needed to change this.

“I couldn’t commit to a gym membership so I started walking a 3km circuit every night, whatever the weather and sometimes at a ridiculous hour! By Easter I’d lost almost three stone. However, throughout the summer, I gained weight once more and ended up putting a stone and a half back on. I kept on with the walking then in summer 2014 my friend convinced me to go to Zumba with her at the Hampton Leisure Centre. And then another friend asked me to try out Body Pump with her. I loved it and went again!

“With a change of job (more money) and older children (more time) a monthly gym membership became feasible and I joined Vivacity Premier Fitness, which gives me access to classes at all of the six Vivacity sites. Since joining, I haven’t looked back and have added more and more classes to my timetable during the year and half I’ve been a member. My fitness has improved and I’ve seen some big changes to my body shape.

“I have lost more than four stone and have gone from a size 14/16 to a size 10. It’s been quite an achievement and I can honestly say I’ve never followed any fad diets; I eat healthily but don’t deny myself the occasional treat. Another great bonus to all of this is the many new friends I have made. I love my ‘gym family’. Keeping fit is great for your health but the social side is fantastic too. On the odd occasion I have to skip a class I really miss the buzz of having had a good workout and, of course, the interaction with the lovely bunch of friends I see there.”
Sarah Copland  

Speeding recovery

“About 10 years ago I had a stroke and was referred to the gym at Bushfield Leisure Centre in order to speed my recovery. The first exercises I started doing were cycling, hand pedalling, seated rowing, peckdeck and walking with a quad stick. I’ve gained core strength, kept my muscle toned and have made progress with my walking, all the while improving my general health.

“My blood pressure has remained stable and I have good ECG results. What I most enjoy about my sessions with my trainer, Rob Reinaldo, is getting to meet different people and feeling much better in myself. I would recommend the gym programme to anyone and have done so on several occasions.”
Tony Gibson  

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