Russian Caravan Tea

Experience the grandeur of Imperial Russia

To savour the full-bodied aroma of Russian Caravan evokes thoughts of an earlier time, when tea traders would travel the ancient trading routes from China to Russia.

For the traders, the camel back journeys would be long, cold and perilous. Away from home for over a year, in the harsh conditions of the Siberian landscape, the traders would transport the valuable tea bricks north. Exposure to the cold and dry climate of the journey did much to improve the flavour of the tea.

The court of 18th century Imperial Russia loved the subtle notes of the Oolong, Keemun and Lapsang Souchong blend that make up this smoky tea.

Oolong brings a smooth and refreshing flavour, Keemun adds a note of richness and Lapsang Souchong the distinctive smoky aroma. The Russians would brew their much-loved tea in a Samovar, an elaborate charcoal-filled chimney designed to heat and boil water.

The smokiness of this blend is said to come from the tea traders fires as they tried to keep warm against the cold Siberian nights. Some say it’s the contribution of Lapsang Souchong; the only tea of the three to be smoke-dried after plucking from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant.

Big and bold with a smoky flavour and smooth finish, Russian Caravan is the perfect blend to perk you up after a busy day.

Keith West is principal tea blender at Margaret’s Tea Room, Wentworth St, Peterborough. Russian Caravan is one of over 30 tea blends available to try and buy at Margaret’s Tea Room.

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