Summer’s here – and holidays are back at last!

Hair and beauty

It’s clear that wherever you are this year the weather is hot, hot, hot – and that means you need to protect your hair and skin more than usual.

We often overlook the fact that our hair and face are exposed to the elements all year round, but exceptional summer sun and air conditioning are especially tough on them. For your skin care you should always use creams that have SPF (even in winter) but in summer you need SPF50 to prevent dehydration of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. A night cream will help hydrate whilst you are asleep.

For your hair a weekly moisturising mask will help protect against the drying effect of the sun, and a moisturising shampoo will keep your hair hydrated. If you’re cooling off by the pool, remember to use an anti-chlorine shampoo before using the moisturising shampoo.

If your hair is coloured, check that your shampoo is colour-friendly so as not to fade it (sun will bleach hair even in normal English summer temperatures). Look out for leave-in conditioners that have sunscreen in them or get a sunscreen for your hair. Moroccanoil has built-in sunscreen and won’t leave your hair greasy.

After you return from holiday having an in-salon conditioning mask can help to counteract the damaging effects of the sun. In-salon treatments are more intense than any you buy elsewhere and can be prescribed specifically to your hair type. Another great treat is to have a body scrub to remove dead skin cells, while a hydrating facial will help minimise effects of sun damage which can lead to wrinkles. A course of facials will give the best results long-term, and additional targeting can be added for the eye area.

LED facemasks are also available in-salon. These provide non-invasive treatments that do no mark
or penetrate the skin and give visible results after a few sessions – without the need to take a day off work and stay at home as you might with a chemical peel. Mechanical facials such as Elemis Biotec give a much more intense treatment than a hands-alone facial, but are still non-invasive. Visible results can be seen after a couple of treatments. A luxury manicure also moisturises the hands, which are always exposed to the sun.

Enjoy the summer sun but stay safe – and protect your skin and hair!

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