“Darling, it’s fabulous, where did you find it? It’s so informative, so entertaining! And those juicy tit-bits about Peterborough’s finest boutiques and salons really take years off you! I’m so jealous!”
“Oh this? It’s just a cool website section I know, called The Moment Style…”

Style Diaries | Harriadnie Beau

The Peterborough-based 18-year old fashionista and couture model lets us take a peek into her personal style.

Amelia Gregory

Who is your style icon and why? I don’t really have a famous style icon: I am most inspired...

Style Diaries | Jill Adams

Photographer and blogger Jill Adams is famous for her street style photos. Here she gives us an insight into...

Introducing Monica & Jo

Success breeds imitation. Just look at Natalie Massenet’s net-a-porter and the multitudes of high-end shopping sites that have popped...

Style Diaries: Lucy Caldwell

Lucy Caldwell, 29, the Irish-born, London-based award-winning playwright and acclaimed novelist talks to Kate McAuley about her inspirations, style...

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