“Darling, it’s fabulous, where did you find it? It’s so informative, so entertaining! And those juicy tit-bits about Peterborough’s finest boutiques and salons really take years off you! I’m so jealous!”
“Oh this? It’s just a cool website section I know, called The Moment Style…”

Eye for detail at The Oculist

Optician Gerry Sondh of The Oculist talks to Kate McAuley about the rising popularity of bespoke eyewear and why...

Business Sa Vi

In April of this year a brand new hair salon, Sa Vi, opened on Oundle Road in Peterborough. Six...

Style Diaries Reem Kanj

Social media guru and fashion blogger Reem Kanj tells Kate McAuley all about her stylish life.

Style Diaries | Harriadnie Beau

The Peterborough-based 18-year old fashionista and couture model lets us take a peek into her personal style.

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