Kate’s Kloset: Skinny Jeans

Can you ever have enough pairs of skinny jeans, asks guest columnist Jaclyn Craig

Confession time. It turns out I own a staggering fifteen pairs of skinny jeans…

I have a red pair, a blue pair, a pink pair, a burgundy pair, a brown pair, an everyday black pair, a ‘dressy’ black pair, a wear-with-anything-dark-denim pair, a wear-only-on-special-occasions-dark-denim pair, a cropped pair for when ankle flashing feels necessary, an acid wash pair for summer, a ‘comfy’ jegging style pair, a pair that don’t entirely fit me anymore but I keep anyway in the hope that I’ll miraculously squeeze myself into them one day, a waxed denim pair, and a floral printed pair for when I’m feeling jazzy. Phew.

I’m not sure why I own so many. From a purely realistic fashion point of view, skinny jeans are not my friend. I am tall, pear-shaped and have what I like to call ‘runners’ calfs’. I’m sure if Gok Wan had his say he’d advise me to shake my booty in an entirely more flattering kick flare.

So many times we have heard the fashion industry proclaim that the skinny is soon to fall and a new style to take the jean throne, be it the boyfriend, the high waisted or the hipster. And yet remarkably the skinny stays on top. So what is it about this cut that remains so popular?

For me, there are certain positives to the skinny that definitely contribute to my own long-term love affair with the style. As a shoe-a-holic, they are the best cut to show off my stems, they have an ability to lengthen legs, tighten derrieres and, when worn with killer heels, ensure sexiness in a most un-assuming manner, they can be dressed up or down and are suitable for all occasions.

Jeans are, in their nature, a comforting item; our go-to staple when we’re indecisive over what to wear, hiding a multitude of sins on a fat day and taking us easily from office to bar on a weeknight. Not the easiest item to shop for, is it any wonder that once we have found a cut that both looks good and feels good, we are reluctant to break out of that comfort zone?

So I owe an apology to the boyfriend, flare and boot cuts of the world… it seems you may have to wait a little longer to steal that crown as for now, my fifteen pairs of skinny jeans are most definitely here to stay.

If you too are a fan of the skinny here are my top five styles…

The Current Elliot Stiletto, Donna Ida, £97.50 (on sale).

The J Brand 811, Donna Ida, £245.

The Topshop Baxter, £40.

The Beg Borrow or Steal Carrie, £60.

The River Island Matilda, £40.

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