Introducing Monica & Jo

Success breeds imitation. Just look at Natalie Massenet’s net-a-porter and the multitudes of high-end shopping sites that have popped up on the web since she first started pushing Jimmy Choos through our letterboxes.

So, it takes a brave person – or in this instance – pair to enter a market that seems be saturated already. But, this is not the case for team Monica and Joe when it comes to their eponymous online womens wear emporium.

Bored, like most of us, of the samey-samey-ness of the British High Street, M&J sought to bring us a wider selection and ultimately more choice

The idea behind the website, which launched in January, came about as a result of a trip to Paris in 2009. The City of Lights had so many individual boutiques and each one had something different to offer. Bored – like most of us – of the samey-samey-ness of the British High Stret, they’ve sought to bring us a wider selection and ultimately more choice.

So, off they went on a whirlwind tour of Europe’s fashion capitals to find us the best and brightest talent. The result is a well-edited clothing collection that’s unique, beautiful and affordable. We think they’re going to be a hit.

Our favourite designers featured on Monica and Joe are:

Denmark native and darling of the 60s generation, Margie Brandt for her easy to wear pieces in earthy colours.

The uber cool By Zoe, which epitomises Gallic style and individuality. Think Chanel-style jackets, studs and fringe details.

Home grown design house Pyrus for their distinctive, unique take on vintage with their modern shapes and old-school techniques, including embroidery and embellishment.

And, the British designer Simeon Farrar. Farrar, who has won the New Generation Award three times at London Fashion Week, is also an artist. Who creates the most beautiful printed t-shirts, scarves and dresses.

To see the full collection, visit

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