Discover the real you with boditrax technologies

Knowing more about your body is empowering. Vivacity is helping you to better understand your true level of fitness with boditrax technologies so that you can focus your workouts and track progress towards a healthier you

The technology to understand the real you has never been more advanced. boditrax is a new, medically approved way to better understand the makeup of your body. The machine analyses metrics such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and levels of hydration – among many others – so you can appreciate the state of your body and how it stacks up against the general population. Analysis of the results can be made online so you can bore down into the data in detail, enabling you to track progress over time.

Vivacity Gym Manager Nicola explains more: ‘The boditrax machine is a great tool to gain accurate body statistic measurements. It’s userfriendly, quick and very easy to understand. It will help gym instructors, personal trainers and gymmembers with goal setting and motivation. Members will get their results on the boditrax app within seconds of stepping off the machine.’

‘It is an excellent tool to show customers if they are drinking enough water on a daily basis and also what their internal fat content is,’ adds Sarah Leadbetter, Vivacity’s Health and Wellbeing Manager. ‘This can often be a real eye opener to what conditions individuals are more prone to, which helps us see how we can decrease their chances of getting these conditions. ‘We can also use it to look at people who have had injuries or bone problems to see how this has affected their muscle content in that area of the body, giving fitness instructors a good base to work from.’

The boditrax machine uses an electric current (don’t worry, it’s undetectable!) to scan your body, achieving an incredibly detailed breakdown of your fitness level, and far more than weight alone. Despite the many metrics recorded, a scan takes just 30 seconds. Use the analysis of your body to inform your workout regime and dietary goals. Then undergo regular scans to track your progress and real-time improvements to health, which can be a significant motivator towards longterm change.

Book a boditrax scan boditrax is coming very soon to Vivacity Premier Fitness. Talk to one of the gym instructors to find out more about booking a scan.


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