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Peterborough… is spook central

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[prev] …an elderly lady who died in the property in the mid-1980s, and ever since then she has kept coming back.

Stuart Orme takes up the story: ‘Her ghost has been seen in the conservatory at the back of the house on a number of occasions. What is particularly unnerving, however, is her habit of visiting children when they’re in bed at night. That may sound quite sweet, but imagine you are eight years old, tucked up in bed, fast asleep, and you wake up to hear your bedroom door open, and then footsteps come into your room. They walk to the bottom of your bed, and you feel someone sit down on it. Finally you pluck up the courage to pull back the duvet and have a look, but there’s no one there – just the weight on the bed and the depression in the covers where they ought to be.’ Stuart adds: ‘This removes the ghost story from the traditional safe zone of an old building, like a museum, cathedral or castle. It’s a contemporary building, and somebody’s house – one of those “it could be you” moments.

Don't have nightmares... Photo: John Moore

Don’t have nightmares… Photo: John Moore

Could it be you? Upon a lonely road? In an empty building at night? Safely tucked in your bed? Perhaps it could. Happy Halloween…

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Peterborough… is spook central 1 2 3 4

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