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Peterborough Museum ghosts – a terrifying top ten

Seeking spooks in the Museum’s corridors? Here’s a handy guide for ghosthunters...

1. A grey figure, said to be the ‘Lonely ANZAC’, First World War soldier Thomas Hunter who died in the building in 1916 from wounds received in France. His ghost is seen on the stairs or first floor corridor, and has most recently been seen in June 2009. A strange figure was also caught on camera on the stairs in August 2010.

2. A ghostly kitchen maid who fell to her death on the back stairs (which are not open to the public except for pre-booked tours) – did she fall, did she jump, or was she pushed? Female visitors report the impression of being pushed from behind by invisible hands, many people feel unwell in this area and strange noises have been heard.

3. A dark male presence has been seen and felt lurking on the first floor. Footsteps have been heard here.

4. A ghostly Roman soldier is said to be connected for eternity to his sword, on display in the archaeology gallery. He has most recently been seen in September 2006.

5. A white lady who follows visitors around the upper floor of the building.

6. Poltergeist activity has been reported in one of the ground floor rooms – furniture has been found mysteriously moved overnight.

7. A little girl returns in spirit form in the Geology gallery, leaving messages on tape recordings as well as terrifying a workman. She has also been seen on rare occasions.

8. The eerie ancient cellar – now open to the public as Priestgate Vaults – has a particular reputation, where slamming doors, strange noises and a threatening male presence have been reported. Items have been thrown at some ghost hunters.

9. In one particular chamber of Priestgate Vaults – included in the tour – a hooded figure has been seen that appears to be a monk or priest.

10. In 2013, Stuart Orme saw a Victorian lady in blue with a white apron in the doorway of the exhibition gallery. An echo from the building’s former life as the city’s first hospital?

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