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NEW Bronze Age find at Must Farm!

↑ Exceptionally well-preserved weft-twined textile fragment (courtesy mustfarm.com)

The ongoing ‘timber frame’ project at Must Farm has revealed a brand new treasure – a Bronze Age round house, and the discovery is quite unlike any other similar find so far!

There are other well-preserved Bronze Age houses in Britain, in places such as Dartmoor, with stone walls which have survived. But it’s almost unheard of to find evidence of the actual structure or interior details such as roofs, fittings, furniture and flooring. What is so exciting is that now, at Must Farm, archaeologists have a well-preserved, lowland late Bronze Age round house – and it could well include all of the above.

The experts over at Must Farm hope to recover surviving sections of original floor, and even some items that up until now have only been subjects of speculation: rugs, matting, drapes, even decorative items.

For more Must Farm magic, visit www.mustfarm.com

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