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Empire: The Windrush Betrayal


Peterborough Museum is staging a special exhibition to celebrate the lives and contributions made by the Windrush generation to...

T. Rex: The Killer Question

T.rex The Killer Question at Peterborough Cathedral

This summer, the Natural History Museum’s spectacular touring exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs comes roaring into Peterborough Cathedral... The exhibition...

Art of light and shadow

Susannah and the Elders

This summer, at historic Burghley House, cutting-edge technology meets traditional painting techniques to create a stunning and unique art...

Peterborough’s River Nene

The River Nene

The use of English in Northampton I can now denounce; The people of that town certainly mispronounce The name of...

Past, Present and Future

Peterborough Museum

If there’s one place where you can put our turbulent times in perspective, it’s Peterborough Museum. Within its walls...

Graffiti – Medieval Style

Medieval prayer

We think of graffiti as something destructive, anti-social, even subversive – certainly not the kind of thing we’d want...

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