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Fill those lungs, stretch those muscles, munch those salads! The Moment’s health and fitness section has all you need and more to plan and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

20 fun family activities for 2016!  


1 Ducklings Baby and Toddler Swimming Sessions Working at your child’s pace, Ducklings parent-and-baby swim sessions are designed to build early-years water confidence. These sessions help develop young children’s basic motor skills whilst exploring the fun of learning to swim. Enjoy a completely new swimming experience where babies and...

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Calmababy: Gently does it!


Suitable to attend from approximately four to six weeks after giving birth, Postnatal Yoga classes at Calmababy are a...

Sound advice  


Hearing loss affects one in six of the population (that’s more than 11 million people in the UK!) and...

Swim Academy Stages  


Learning to swim is one of the most important and fun life skills you can learn. Aligned with the...

Vivacity Radiance this winter


Christmas is coming, and to celebrate Radiance at Vivacity Premier Fitness is offering some festive-themed packages to prepare you...

Walking for health – and fun!

walking, health initiatives, free walks, Peterborough

For those who like traditional walks, enjoy a healthier lifestyle with Vivacity’s FREE walking scheme – a fun way...

Essential dental care  


We’ve come a long way since 3500 BC when the first toothbrush was created by fraying the end of...

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