Health & Fitness

Fill those lungs, stretch those muscles, munch those salads! The Moment’s health and fitness section has all you need and more to plan and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Walking for health


It’s easy to get started on your journey to better health – just start walking!

The Orange Pepper Clinic


Dental treatment is no longer just about having a scale and polish, it’s a lifestyle choice that can help...

Fifty shades of white


Nowadays, it’s not just Hollywood actors and actresses that have A-list smiles. Increasingly, many of us are turning to...

Lisa Rennison: fitness guru


Fifteen years ago, Lisa Rennison was a size 18, unfit and deeply unhappy with the way she looked. Now,...

Darren Grigas: Super Marathon Man


Last issue we spoke to local runner Darren Grigas, who is training to undertake the toughest footrace on earth...

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