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Trevor Noah interview

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…take it in your stride and enjoy each moment – but don’t look too deep into it! It’s a fantastic opportunity, but stand-up is my number one thing so I don’t look to for anything else to define my life, anything else is just a bonus.

The buzz around you suggests you could pick and choose to do just about any project, with anyone. But our chat implies that you have your feet very firmly on the ground and you’re deliberately not thinking beyond the next gig
You have to take it one thing at a time and not get too caught up in all of that other stuff. The other night I was playing the Hammersmith Apollo in front of 3,000 people and the next day I was in the Glee Club in Cardiff, in front of 200 people, and both were as important to me, and a nice reminder of the extremes of what I’m doing. Don’t get too low with the lows and don’t get too carried away with the highs!

‘My humour has been shaped by British humour…’

That’s a very healthy attitude! After reading about you earlier, learning how you’re smashing it in America, I did think, ‘I don’t know why he’s coming to Britain, he doesn’t really need to!’
Oh, but I love Britain! I have always loved it. We have a very close relationship with the UK and my humour has been shaped by British humour. I do share a lot of British sensibilities, and coming here is something I enjoy.

One last thing: tell me something about yourself you think would surprise people
I’m extremely shy. I’m an introvert, I stay in my corner – I like to stay anonymous in my corner and do what I do.

Trevor Noah interview 1 2

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