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The Pasadena Roof Orchestra

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra are regulars at the Key Theatre Peterborough, and in 2019 are coming into town celebrating 50 years of the UK’s most popular 1920s and 1930s dance band. The show is not, however, only for jazz buffs

Most people come away with a smile on their faces as the musicians indulge in a lot of on-stage banter and humour, not unlike an Ealing Comedy of old. John Arthy was a hobby musician interested in Jazz music. The first rehearsal for his new project, a big band, was called on November 3rd, 1969. The Orchestra, however, lacked proper musical arrangements. In hope of addressing this problem, John put an advert in the newspaper asking if anyone could help. A widow from Manchester contacted him and dropped the bombshell that her late husband had collected over 1500 original arrangements, and that they were gathering dust in her attic.

It was to be the foundation stone of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, an institution that would have more longevity than some of the orchestras of the era it so faithfully reproduced. John Arthy retired from the rigours of recording and touring in 1997 but the orchestra continues to tour both in the UK, and particularly Germany where the band enjoyed it’s first major success and where it continues to this day. The Pasadena Roof Orchestra has toured the USA six times and has played at every major concert house across the continent. The Orchestra is in sparkling form – but don’t take our word for it; go along and see for yourselves at the Key Theatre onWednesday 30th October!

Pasadena Roof Orchestra Key Theatre
30 October, 7.30pm

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