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The Bootleg Sixties

When you’ve played by special invitation for Her Majesty The Queen, Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney and Sir David Frost, and also opened for Sir Elton in front of 20,000 people at the 02 in London, you clearly know a thing or two about performance, so bringing their ‘sight and sound’ show back to the intimacy of The Key holds no fears for The Bootleg Sixties!

This unique celebration of pop music’s finest decade in now in its ninth year of wowing audiences around the world, and as Wansford-based Tony Henderson, one of the show’s producers, explains: ‘The demand for everything from the 60s is still incredible, and so we have an audience of all ages. It’s not just the folks who lived through the 60s who come, we’re even getting teenagers who know the songs through TV or film soundtracks. The 60s really were the ground zero of pop music.’

With two hours of classic songs and images from the decade that changed the world, Tony claims there’s really nothing else like this out there. ‘There are no wigs or musicians pretending to be The Beatles, The Stones, The Monkees or whoever. What we do in the show is recreate the spirit and excitement of those times. It’s a pretty powerful beast!’

The Bootleg Sixties
8 September, 7.30pm Key Theatre

www.vivacity-peterborough. com/keytheatre

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