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Spirit of the Blitz

Spirit of the blitz remembers great stars of the 1940s

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Peterborough’s Key Theatre presents a tribute to the legendary stars who kept us smiling through the dark days of World War II. Spirit of the Blitz recaptures the defiant optimism of wartorn Britain, inviting the audience to sing along with swinging hits like Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree, Bless ’Em All, Leaning On A Lamp-Post, and of course, We’ll Meet Again.

Producer Andy Eastwood, who portrays one of the hardest-working entertainers of the era, George Formby, describes the show as a feel-good experience. “The wonderful thing about Spirit Of The Blitz is that it means many things to different people. It’s first and foremost a heart-warming, uplifting singalong. They were such awful times that the entertainment had to be bright and breezy and cheerful. But beneath the humour is a subtext of suffering, loss and tragedy. Everyone in that audience will be remembering loved ones who went through it, so it’s very thought-provoking too.”

Also appearing are singer Maggie O’Hara, who pays tribute to Dame Vera Lynn and Anne Shelton, and multi-talented Pete Lindup, who recreates the comedy of forties favourites Max Miller and Robb Wilton. Pete is looking forward to the show immensely: “There will be veterans at the show, and it’s an honour to entertain them, but it’s also great for younger people to see the lovely warm way that performers charmed an audience back then. Glorious melodies and good old-fashioned comedy – what more could you ask for?”

● Spirit Of The Blitz
5 May, 2.30pm, Key Theatre

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