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My Mother Said I Never Should – Stamford Shoestring Theatre Company

Four generations of women - Doris, Margaret, Jackie and Rosie - walk the bittersweet line between love and resentment in this tale of motherhood, expectations and family secrets.

Charlotte Keatley’s award-winning play, “My Mother Said I Never Should,” is the most commonly performed work by a female playwright worldwide. A story about the difficult relationships between mothers and daughters, the play explores the lives and relationships of four generations of women: Doris, Margaret, Jackie and Rosie.

Their loves, expectations and choices are set against the huge social changes of the twentieth century. Keatley says of her work:

“I think it’s a play that anyone – any age or gender – can relate to. It’s about family… and love, how we show it or withhold it; ambition, what that means for each generation. It’s both funny and moving, so it’s a play that makes us react… When I’m writing plays I think about this: I want the audience to laugh and cry and be truly moved, in one evening.”

Stamford Shoestring Theatre Company are producing their version of this popular work from the 7th to the 11th of September at Stamford Arts Centre, with a new director – Estella Todisco – at the helm and a cast that blends youth with experience; it promises to be a stunning show!

We are thrilled to be back in the rehearsal rooms and on the stage; it is a busy time for the Company as we move ahead with our programme for the rest of the year and into 2022.

Tickets are available via the Stamford Arts Centre box office or online:

My Mother Said I Never Should – Stamford Shoestring Theatre (

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