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Music that spans the world

City of Peterborough Symphony Orchestra is proud to start its 26th season, joining the Latin to the great classical tradition in a wonderful journey on Sunday, 16 October, 3pm-5pm

It spans the world from Brazil (how appropriate in this Olympic year) to Austria via sunny Spain with the inspiring maestro, Steve Bingham, and in the company of the brilliant prizewinning virtuoso guest guitarist, Amanda Cook.

The programme begins with Heltor Villa-Lobus’ Sinfonietta No 1 in as an affectionate tribute to admired composer Mozart, mixing a classical clarity with the quirkiness that you would expect from this famous Brazilian composer.

Onwards to the gardens of the Palacio Real de Aranguez, south of Madrid, for the unforgettable and immensely popular Guitar Concerto by Joaquim Rodrigo.

The blind composer, Rodrigo, said this described the “fragrance of magnolias, the singing of birds, and the gushing of fountains”. Amanda Cook will be bringing this much-loved concerto to a brilliant and sunny life. She has been dubbed the “guitar queen with a silken touch” by The Independent.

Finally, the orchestra embraces Schubert’s mighty Symphony No 9. Known as “The Great C Major Symphony” this is truly one of the greatest symphonies ever written.

Tickets are £12.50 and £10.50 (concessions), with children under 16 admitted for free.
Voyager Concert Hall
Sunday, 16 October, 3pm-5pm

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