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Spring classical concerts at Stamford Arts Centre

Stamford Arts Centre continues with its high-class repertoire of classical concerts, with something for all fans of this genre and newcomers alike

As spring starts to make its presence felt – we hope! – Stamford Arts Centre welcomes Cantata per Flauto, on Saturday 11 march. The ensemble’s principle artist is Tabea Debus, who proves to any doubters what a beautiful, sonorous and versatile instrument the recorder can be, playing works by Bach, Telemann, Purcell and Handel, accompanied by an ensemble of strings and harpsichord.

The programme comes to an end in May, so do check out Stamford Arts Centre listings for details of further concerts. The opulent ballroom, where the concerts will be held, is one of the earliest surviving examples of a Georgian public Assembly Room. This was the age when music started to be performed in concert halls to the wider public instead of in private houses, and the ballroom would have been in use for concerts when Haydn, Berwald and Beethoven were composing.

Stamford Arts Centre
27 St Mary’s Street, Stamford PE9 2DL
01780 763203

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