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Nature and Spirit – John Lincoln FRSA

Standing in the studio of John Lincoln FRSA, one is surrounded by representations of nature, vibrant in colour and texture – in fact, nature and the natural form have long been primary sources for John’s contemporary paintings; trees, flowers and birds he explains, ‘are symbols of magic and spirituality in the English countryside and garden.’ He invites us to rediscover every seed, leaf, tree and creature and I find myself contemplating the complexity of life in all its wondrous forms.

Living at the edge of the Fens in South Lincolnshire, John is inspired by the flatlands, big skies and a ‘multi-coloured landscape of intensively farmed fields bounded by deep ditches and channeled rivers trimmed with blood-red poppies and pink campions, reed mace and bindweed, along the high banks and low washes.’

He also gains inspiration from the landscape to the West, with its stone-built towns and villages still imbued with the lives and spirit of the Celts, Romans and Saxons. This sense of history, spirit and place informs most of John’s work. By means of observation and intuition coupled with imagination and continuing experimentation John has developed an insight and understanding of his relationship with nature and its role in the history of the English landscape and people.

It is no surprise therefore to learn that John’s career has been both art and nature related. He worked with the London painter Kristin Berge for several years exhibiting with her in the Chenil Gallery Chelsea before going into graphic and exhibition design. For the latter part of his career he was employed as a natural heritage interpreter for visitors to National Nature Reserves.

He has also been deeply influenced by John Clare’s poetry in that he has the same commitment to descriptive precision and receptiveness to the possibility of mystery and magic. His recently published book entitled In a wilderness of listening leaves, a quotation from a John Clare poem, showcases 100 stunning images of John’s work under the headings Myth, Seeds, Plants, Trees, Birds, John Clare and includes a contribution from John Goodridge, Professor at Nottingham Trent University and Vice President of the John Clare Society. The book demonstrates his love of nature and the wish to conserve it for future generations. He explains how his painting nurtures his relationship with nature and illustrates our place within it.

John is now a full time professional painter. His work is in galleries throughout England and in private collections in the UK, the US and Europe. It can be viewed locally in his home studio in Deeping St.James by appointment, in St. Pega’s Art Gallery in Peakirk or in Harriet’s Art Gallery in Cathedral Square. His book can be obtained in these local galleries or online at

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