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Katie Timoshenko

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[prev] …series of pieces painting onto the reverse of the glass. My first painting was about self-evaluation. I realised it was so important for me to explore why I was here, what I was set to do. Some of my pictures for example So Many Feelings l and ll, feature figures spewing out of their mouths. When I first came to the UK, I felt alienated and different. I couldn’t express myself and frustration built up inside. These pictures were a release for these feelings. Can You Heal It painted in 2013 seems quite violent but it relates the story of my pain at the time and it gave me peace.’

Katie’s work is not always about frustration. The more recent Song of my Dream and Nature of my Soul, now with private collectors, depict hope and self-fulfilment. ‘I would like to exhibit in other galleries in the UK but I also believe that I have this talent for a purpose. I would really like to study and work as an art therapist, but with children. I know my role will find me.’

Katie’s work can be viewed at Art in the Heart, 47 Bridge Street, Peterborough PE1 1HA. New work will be in a special exhibition as part of the Peterborough Artists’ Open Studios along with the work of Veronika Pagacova and Martin Cibik in the downstairs gallery from 28 June-13 July 2014. For more details visit

Katie Timoshenko 1 2

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