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It has been three months since ACT Peterborough started running classes at The Knights’ Chamber, Peterborough Cathedral and it’s fair to say things are going well, says owner Ross Willett

We’ve had an incredible response. There seems to be a genuine call for a theatre group like this, particularly among adults, which is great! New members are joining us every week, so we’ll soon be looking to run multiple days. The real magic lies in bringing people together from all walks of life.

ACT has already expanded its kids’ classes from 7-16 years. Lots of parents are looking for that slightly different edge on how drama is integrated into everyday life skills, which has allowed us to develop our sessions so that every single member of ACT, across all classes, gets the very best out of it.

Our first production, 12 Angry Jurors, is hitting the stage in late June. And while details are currently under wraps, we will be creating a theatrical murder mystery night at a local bar in early September, so keep your eyes peeled.

As a director I want my cast to have as much fun as possible whilst performing. That’s the beauty of acting, that sense of escapism. We want our shows to have a twist, to be a little different. So we’ve devised 12 Angry Jurors in a way that will ensure the audience has a fully immersive experience.

It doesn’t stop there. ACT now runs regular monthly dramatic Open Mic nights at SAMM’s called, very fittingly, Once Upon A Time In Peterborough. Turn up to read script work, monologues, sing musical numbers and so on. On top of this, we have been running one-day workshops on Confidence Building, Improvisation, Acting CVs and much more.

Theatre can help in all walks of life: to develop confidence, communication and team-building skills and more. We want to enable that locally so have started working with companies to support their staff with skills and training in the workplace. It’s exciting to use theatre in this way!

ACT Peterborough
To sign up to ACT or keep an eye out for tickets to 12 Angry Jurors visit:

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