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Going online: love across the globe at Art in the Heart

Art In The Heart gallery owner Dawn Birch-James describes her online journey...

Art in the Heart is about direct communication between artists and makers in their studios, workshops, home spaces and the customer. We love our artists and makers and we want to share that love with those who want something unique, quirky, interesting, beautiful and with layers of personal significance, whether a work of art or a small treasured gift. Those who have visited our gallery and gift shop on Bridge Street in Peterborough will totally understand what I’m talking about. It’s a space with ambience, meaning and what can only be described as pure joy. Big news is that as we speak, a new Art in the Heart ONLINE Marketplace is being designed and built and is scheduled to be up and running for September 2015 thanks to a superb local company Sensation Creative who has really understood our product and brand. That means that anyone in the world will be able to access and purchase thousands of our wonderful items – and not just from artists and makers from our area, but from across the UK. We want to offer the kind of works of art and treasures we have here in our Bridge Street Gallery to everyone and that will be online.

If you are interested in finding out more about selling from our new Art in the Heart online shop, please contact Dawn Birch-James at . You will be put on a mailing list and sent the necessary details via newsletter. You can sell paintings, limited and open edition prints, greetings card and postcard packs, ceramics, glass, sculpture, hand crafted jewellery, wood turning, textile and mixed media art, textiles, photographs, and merchandise with art and design work from the artist including textiles, stationery, and trinkets. We also consider other products which are hand crafted, such as soaps and candles.

Deborah James Fine Artist
“Art in the Heart asked me to be one of the first artists to sell from this amazing new online market place. I accepted immediately. What an opportunity! I will be selling my fine art, landscapes, seascapes, gardens, rivers and lakes, but also hand finished quality prints with certificates of authenticity and most likely packs of fine art cards. I’m also a fully trained calligrapher and so will be selling these unique pieces too. The marketplace will allow purchasers to deal directly with serious creators like myself. They will be able to browse and shop with ease. I have every confidence in the wonderfully diverse Art in the Heart brand. It has been an absolute success on the high street and it will be online I’m sure, so I can’t wait to get started.”

Simon Bell of Sensation Creative Ltd.
“I’m a genuine fan of Art in the Heart. I think the opportunity for artists and makers to have a platform like this to sell on, is amazing. It fits exactly with what people are starting to look for: deeper emotional connections, authenticity and provenance – the things I feel have been lost with mass production and, to an extent, globalisation. I was very excited to be asked to be involved in the most defining project to date for Art in the Heart, namely the new online showcase and e-commerce market place. My company, Sensation Creative has spearheaded the entire re-branding process. The resulting new brand identity is emotive, crafted, and easy to recognise across all touch points. This will position the company in the market as it evolves and builds on a unique vision combining world class artists, high street outlet, online shop and social media presence. I cannot wait for the launch of our rebrand and the new online marketplace! Watch that space.” Contact Director Simon Bell T: 01733 553039 W:

For more details or to book go to

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