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University Centre Peterborough (UCP) has been offering degrees in Peterborough for the past 10 years and is firmly established in the community with hundreds of successful graduates each year working in the local area. There are many advantages to studying locally and The Moment Magazine discovers why UCP is becoming a popular choice for both school leavers and mature students

If you have not yet decided if or where you want to study a degree in September 2019, there is still time to plan how you can improve your chosen career path. With Peterborough being the fourth fastest growing city in the UK, it makes sense to consider studying locally to get ahead and improve your job prospects locally. Whilst UCP is small and some might think this a limitation, it is its smaller size, compared to other institutions, that offers some of its greatest advantages. In fact, because UCP is able to offer a unique proposition compared to other universities, many school leavers are now choosing to come to Peterborough from elsewhere in the UK. The city has excellent road and rail links making it well connected for commuter students, allwoing them to make the most of what UCP provides.

Wide range of degrees
If you have not seen what UCP offers, you will be pleasantly surprised as there are many new degrees introduced over the last year. There are now over 30 courses to choose from, which are all accredited by Anglia Ruskin University. This expanding portfolio now covers a variety of areas from engineering to business management, biological sciences to performing arts, computing to sociology, forensics to journalism plus specialist areas such as archaeology and digital arts.

Study in full days
Due to its smaller size, UCP is able to timetable the majority of courses as two full days a week. Compared to other larger universities who have to timetable their lectures and seminars across the whole week with gaps in the timetable, UCP students come in for full days which gives them opportunities to find a work placement, internship or time to volunteer which will improve employability after they graduate. Mature students with personal or family commitments can then find it easier to accommodate time to study.

Flexible study options
Whilst all courses start in September there are many courses which give you the option of starting in January, so there is flexibility in when you can choose to start. If the thought and practicability of studying full-time is not convenient then you could choose to study part-time over four years as opposed to three years for a full-time degree.

Smaller class sizes and individual support
Students get to study in smaller classes with a typical size of around 20-25 students compared to universities who may have 100+ students in lectures. Smaller groups offer more opportunity for students to ask questions or engage with lecturers, with fewer pressures. That means the lecturers get to know who you are, and can offer one-to-one tutorial times, but also that you can get to know the lecturers better so they can support you.

Learn from connected professionals
The people who lecture you are also the people who will be assessing you, and many of them have industry experience and local contacts as well, so they are well placed to advise you not only on the progress of your work but also on your potential career path. Students who are proactive about those career options – whether from sixth form/college or are mature students – can also be matched with contacts that the lecturer may have, with less competition for places.

Employabilty is embedded into degrees
Some courses have guaranteed work placements embedded into the course, whereas other will ensure key skills are included into the degree to ensure that students are career ready after graduating. All of the courses on offer have been designed in consultation with local employers ensuring the businesses have the skills required. UCP offers additional support to students and is proactive in promoting local job opportunities to students.

Save by studying locally
There are many financial savings to studying locally. School leavers will undoubtedly save on costs for accommodation, foods and other bills if living at home with parents. All students studying at UCP benefit from lower tuition fees, which are £1,250 lower compared to the majority of universities. Students can also access two different bursary schemes with £500 per year for all full-time undergraduate courses, and there is an additional low-income bursary of £500 per year for those in households of under £25,000 per year. If you need to supplement your income without needing to take out maintenance loans, then having the ability to earn while you learn is very attractive.

UCP students are successful
Every year, hundreds of students graduate from UCP with many choosing to stay in the local area. This benefits local businesses who can employ skilled and career-ready graduates, with many students getting jobs directly related to the course they studied. Last year, 65% of students achieved a first class honours or 2:1 degree which was even higher on some courses, with 57% of Sociology students achieved a first class honours.

● To find out more about University Centre Peterborough, visit and if you want to visit the campus and speak to staff and students there will be an Open Day on Saturday 29 June from 10am to 2pm.

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