Wellbeing comes to Peterborough workplaces

Soul Happy’s Kim Coley talks about why wellbeing at work is more important than ever, and how their ‘Wellbeing @ Work’ scheme is engaging with the workplaces in the area

Sickness with staff now costs UK employers £77 billion a year according to a 2018 study. Realising the cost is not just in absenteeism and sickness leave but also lost productivity from employees with emotional, mental and physical health problems who are still coming to work. If one in four adults are suffering with mental issues per year then this might be significantly affecting their work performance too. Forward thinking businesses are not only waking up to the cost of poor health in the workplace, they are being proactive and investing in wellbeing initiatives, health and productivity programs (which cover emotional and mental health), staff and healthcare systems including wellbeing schemes – like ours.

Without a doubt, workplace health and well-being programs have a positive impact on your employees’ wellness and they can also lead to a significant increase in your team’s engagement, cohesiveness, morale and overall productivity. A healthy and happy workforce can reduce costs by more than £1000 per employee with reduced leave days or unplanned sickness. Whilst buying fresh fruit and offering discounted gym fees are a great step in the right direction, they don’t often scratch the surface of employee wellness. We have a huge menu of over 40 treatments, therapies, sessions and workshop options.

From official Counselling, coaching, nutrition or massage, informative workshops about the body, brain, emotions, and sleep through to fun activities like Laughter Yoga, high energy empowerment workshops, to relaxing mindfulness and meditation to name a few. You can book us in your workplace from half a day, through to every day. You can book one of us or a whole tribe of us. You can book us for full oneto- one sessions, taster sessions, group workshops, talks or demos. We work with businesses of all sizes and we design our growing menu around yours and your staffs needs. For example, Peterborough City Council and Bauer Media both booked four days as part of their own workplace initiatives. We visited as many of their staff as possible with our ‘Zen in 10’ (minute) massage and Reiki pampers with optional essential oil samples, pH tests and handouts at individual workstations or private rooms.

Throughout the week we also conducted workshops that included yoga, confidence, sleep, the brain, emotions and meditation. Two Bauer employees commented back to their employer: “The massage was amazing and made me feel very refreshed!”. “The zen in 10 head massage was amazing – I would love it if we had at desk massages more often!”. All staff get the options of signing up to our free hypnotherapy MP3 that we email directly to them, so they can listen to it at home. Plus all staff get up to 20% off all one-to-one treatments as a follow-up at Soul Happy, so they can continue their own wellbeing if they choose, plus more. We like WIN-WIN-WINs!

As we are a local organisation, by supporting Soul Happy’s ‘Wellbeing @ Work’ scheme, you are also supporting us to help more communities and wellbeing initiatives across the city too. We run various ‘Pay It forward’ initiatives including litter picking, helping the homeless and offering cancer sufferers with discounted treatments, and we can share these initiatives with your staff to connect them with our inclusive communities too. We look forward to creating more sustainable wellbeing in our city and beyond. Namaste y’all!

● To enquire about your options, request a free menu, or to book our Wellbeing at Work scheme, please email , message @SoulHappyCentre on Facebook or call 07814393099.

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