Transfer of Vivacity services to take place at end of September

At the request of Peterborough City Council, Vivacity Trustees have agreed to continue to provide leisure and cultural services for an additional two weeks.

It is proposed that the date that services will move to City College Peterborough Foundation (the city council’s adult skills service) and Peterborough Limited (a wholly council-controlled organisation) will now take place at midnight on 30 September. It is also anticipated that transfers of staff will also take place on this date. 

Councillor John Holdich, leader of Peterborough City Council, said: “This is a complex transition involving the future of different services, venues and staff, made even more difficult by Covid-19.

“It is imperative to us that the rollover of services back into council control is a smooth one, with minimal impact on staff, volunteers, customers and other key stakeholders. In order for us to guarantee this, we have negotiated a two-week extension to the initial transfer date.” 

Stewart Francis, Chairman of Vivacity, said: “We have agreed to extend the transfer date in order to help the council make the transition of services as smooth as possible for our staff, customers and residents of Peterborough.  The city council will pay all Vivacity costs for operating on behalf of the council for the additional two weeks and the transfer of assets that are required to operate services.”

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