Peterborough’s Big Sleep Out

Help to raise awareness and funds for homeless people in the city!

YMCA Trinity Group, Hope into Action and The Light Project Peterborough are joining forces for Peterborough’s Big Sleep Out. Together we aim to transform homelessness in Peterborough by providing additional services to support homeless people. Peterborough’s Big Sleep Out is a combination of YMCA Sleep Easy and Hope into Action Big Sleep out event with the aim of raising more awareness and funds to support more homeless people across the city. All the money raised from the event will be split equally between the 3 charities to leave a lasting legacy for the city in it’s 900th year. The aim is simple: spend a night challenging yourself to sleep rough to help others in the city.

What is homelessness?

In 2016/17 rough sleeping rose by 15% to 4,751 people across the UK. In December 2017 78,930 household across the UK were in temporary accommodation. 2,830 young people aged 16 – 24 were accepted by local authorities as homeless. Sadly these figures do not take into account ‘hidden homeless’ which is on the increase across the UK.

Homelessness is defined by the Government as ‘having no permanent home to go to’. The reality is you don’t have to be on the streets to be considered homeless; many families are in temporary B&B accommodation, young people can ‘sofa surf’ for many years relying on the goodwill of others for a bed for the night. 27% of young people became homeless due to relatives or friends no longer being able or willing to provide accommodation. Reality for many single adults and working parents is that they are only 2 pay cheques away from eviction due to increased living costs and limited savings.

Imagine how you would cope if you became homeless through no fault of your own. Maybe you were fleeing an arranged marriage? Or escaping from physical, mental or sexual abuse? Maybe you have been made redundant from your job and can’t pay your rent, or your parents have found a new partner who simply doesn’t want you around? Where would you go? How isolated would you feel?

Homeless people’s lives can get out of control very quickly; they can find themselves moving from place to place sometimes daily, often sharing their living space with strangers. With limited access to support and financial help serious issues can often occur, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

YMCA Trinity Group, Hope into Action and The Light Project provide a variety of services to support those in need. Together we house and support rough sleeper, young people, vulnerable single adults and families across Peterborough.

What will Peterborough’s Big Sleep Out involve?

Starting at 7pm, the night will involve activities that give you an experience of what it is like to actually sleep on the streets. You will be provided with hot refreshments, entertainment and materials to make a shelter. However the reality is that many rough sleepers do not have the luxury of running water and toilet facilities as we will do.

Sleeping outside you will experience what it’s like to get minimal sleep as you feel vulnerable to the elements and other people around.

You quickly realise how cold it gets, even though you are able to bring your own sleeping equipment. At sunrise we will wake you up with a hot drink and breakfast before you return back to normal life after just one night on the streets. Sadly for thousands of rough sleepers the reality is very different.

When: Friday 28th September 2018
Where: Peterborough Cathedral
Time: 7pm – 7am

Register your place now and make a difference in your local community.

Entry Fee:
Adult (16+) – £10.00
Family (2 Adults 2 Children) – £17.50
Child (Under 16) – FREE

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