Life skills: martial arts and US Girls

After-school sports clubs and martial arts sessions are the perfect way to let off some steam and stay fit while hanging out with your friends. Enjoy a sport, take part in a range of fitness exercises or learn the art of self-defence.

Martial arts

Martial arts are based on traditional values such as discipline and respect. They’re a great way to improve confidence while getting fit, meeting like-minded people and learning effective self-defence. Vivacity runs six martial arts classes, each with its own focus.

Katsu Academy
The Katsu Academy of Shotokan Karate teaches traditional martial art classes focusing on self-defence, confidence and fitness through the traditional Shotokan syllabus of Kihon (basics), Kumite (fighting techniques) and Kata. Sessions are open to children from the age of six.

  • Werrington Leisure Centre, Mon & Weds, 7-8pm

Karate Jutsu
Karate Jutsu Peterborough is more than 20 years old. Founded by the renowned Kancho Bernard Creton (9th Dan), the style strives to provide a Shukokai Karate with traditional values, focusing on self-defence.

  • Werrington Leisure Centre, Thurs, 7-9pm

Krav Maga Elite
Krav Maga Elite class goers get fitter, stronger and more confident while learning this practical and effective self-defence system. This is a perfect opportunity to have fun and learn new skills in a safe, friendly and professional environment.

  • Werrington Leisure Centre, Tues & Thurs, 8-9.30pm

Tae Kwon Do
Students of all ages and grades make up the Peterborough Werrington Tae Kwon Do club. It’s a really friendly atmosphere, with separate classes available for children. The classes are very versatile, suiting all fitness levels and abilities, from beginners to students interested in developing stamina and self-defence.

  • Werrington Leisure Centre, Weds, 6-7pm; Sat, 10.30-11.30am

KickFit is a progressive combat system. Training is always evolving, with arts including Filipino martial arts and elements-style Progressive Kickboxing. The goal of the club is to teach the Jeet Kune Do techniques and philosophy for personal protection.

  • Werrington Leisure Centre, Thurs, 7.30-9pm

Combat Ju-Jitsu
Based on traditional teachings, Combat Ju-Jitsu includes hard and soft-style forms that build in complexity as you move up through the grades. Break falling is taught along with throws, sweeps, take-downs, kicks, knees, elbows, punches, locks and strangles.

  • Bushfield Leisure Centre, Weds, 6.30-8.30pm

Werrington Leisure Centre, Staniland Way, Werrington, Peterborough PE4 6JT

Bushfield Leisure Centre, Orton Centre, Peterborough PE2 5RQ


Vivacity’s Us Girls

The ideal way to get more involved in sport, dance and fitness activities – without any pressure and at your own pace. Or simply chill with friends while listening to your favourite music! Us Girls is a varied and fun programme of activities tailored around those who attend. The small but friendly groups are always looking for more girls to join in and take part. Sessions are relaxed and everyone’s encouraged to put forward suggestions for what they’d like to do.

  • Voyager Academy: Weds, 5-7pm Thomas Deacons Academy: Fri, 6.30-8pm
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